Education and Training : The William J. Harrington Medical Training Program for Latin America and the Caribbean

William J. Harrington Programs

Game-changing healthcare is about more than administering medicine. It also requires emphasis on education and community: providing training to talented doctors around the world, who can then put that knowledge to use in their home regions.

That’s why the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine launched the William J. Harrington Medical Training Programs 50 years ago. And now, five decades later, the program is stronger than ever, empowering promising physicians from across Latin America and the Caribbean. These physicians visit our institution for unparalleled training, and depart prepared to build better medical communities at home.

The Harrington Program’s components:

The Residency Program in Internal Medicine. This program offers an internships and residency positions to Latin American medical graduates through the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s program at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The goal of Dr. Harrington was to offer this program to Latin American physicians with a commitment to return to their home countries upon completion of the training. We have trained over 450 doctors since the inception of the program. Residents have access to a suite of features, including faculty support, research facilities, conferences, and hands-on patient care. Our residency training is part of Jackson Memorial Hospital’s three-year Residency Training in Internal Medicine, and after completion, residents may pursue fellowships in their chosen specialty.

The program mainly utilizes the clinical and research facilities of Jackson Memorial Hospital, the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, and University of Miami Hospital and Clinics. Additional clinical research facilities are provided on- and off-campus. Our intern and resident training leverages a national hospital, a large municipal hospital, a private teaching hospitals, and hi-tech clinical and basic scientific research facilities.

The Observership Program for Latin American and Caribbean Physicians. This program offers individualized advanced education for physicians from Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on patient care in general medicine, medical specialties and subspecialties, new procedures and methods, and teaching (curriculum design, methodology). Program duration is between 1-3 months; the program is available year-round. Participants travel on B1/B2 visas.

The Observership Program for Latin American and Caribbean Medical Students. Students from Latin America and the Caribbean engage clinical electives in general medicine, its subspecialties and in other areas of medicine depending on space and availability. Most students come for 3-6 months, and are assigned to our teaching units with our own students. Participation in our teaching units include attendance at morning grand rounds, clinics, case presentations, lectures and seminars. Students admitted to the program must exhibit excellence and must meet several requirements, including high test scores, with a minimum score of 79-80 in the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), interviews and recommendations.

For more information on the IMI’s educational programs call (305) 243-6826 or email the team at:

J. Donald Temple, M.D.

Olivia Cata
Programs Director, The William J. Harrington Medical Training Programs for Latin American and Caribbean and the Global Observership Program (Latin American and Caribbean Applicants Only)

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Program Coordinator

Lilibeth Sanchez
Sr. Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant

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