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The International Medicine Institute’s clinical research is recognized worldwide. Our work unlocks new and innovative care for patients, and draws top medical talent eager to build upon our success. Most importantly, the research and clinical trials conducted by the IMI pave the way for technologies, processes and devices that have a direct impact on the lives of the patients that we serve, led by physicians that we’ve trained.

The IMI is an integral part of innovation in medical devices and technologies that begins abroad and makes it back to the U.S. after extensive research and clinical trials. Medical startups who are ready for first-in-man trials – the first time a device or pharmaceutical product is tested on a human – select the IMI as a research partner for our team’s expertise, our extensive network of doctors, labs, researchers (many of them Harrington graduates), and international facilities.

The IMI’s work with startups is comprehensive and granular. From conducting feasibility studies around protocol approval, documentation, liaising with government entities and ethics committees, patient selection, site initiation and general logistics, our concierge service for startups ensures that every detail of this critical process is seamless, every time. After startups bring their inventions back to the U.S. for FDA approval, many of them turn to the IMI as a clinical site for the work that we’ve already done to bring their technology to market.

The IMI is part of a cycle of excellence dedicated to providing outstanding patient care: we facilitate research abroad that comes back to the University of Miami, and more importantly – to our patients. Some of this innovation, like the Medtronic CoreValve® System, a percutaneous aortic valve replacement device that transformed valve replacement from open heart surgery with long recuperation times, to a less invasive procedure that reduces patient hospital stays to two to three days. And to close this cycle, some of the patients who receive this innovation in medical treatment come from the countries where the technology was developed, through the IMI’s research team and network.

As part of this cycle, the principal investigators behind the Medtronic CoreValve® U.S. Trial at the University of Miami are Dr. Eduardo de Marchena, Interventional Cardiologist and Associate Dean for the IMI, and Dr. Tomas Salerno, Professor of Surgery and Vice Chairman of Faculty Development for the DeWitt Department of Surgery. Dr. de Marchena also spearheaded the first certified CoreValve® replacement program in South America in 2008.

The IMI has also developed proficiencies with Symplicity™ RDN System, Direct Flow®, Tendyne (now Abbott), AEGIS Surgical, NeuroTronik and Procyrion.

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Ongoing CoreValve® trials at University of Miami:

1.Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement With the Medtronic Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement System In Patients at Low Risk for Surgical Aortic Valve Replacement

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